KLI Aruba

New Life offers basic lessons about the Kingdom
of God as believers take their first step in their
new life in Christ and  learn about Jesus and
their purpose in life.

Lessons include:

Discover Faith
Your Next Step
Becoming a Kingdom Citizen

8:30am - 9:25am
just before Sunday service

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Learn the values and principles of being a
Kingdom Citizen.
Develop valuable connections in the Body of Christ.
Grow in relationships of mutual accountability in a
small group setting.
Become salt & light in the world!

Utilizing material from the La Red Organization,
based on principles of the Bible as written by
successful businessman John Schrock,
we share and discuss in a small home group
setting with 8-10 people values such as:


Call us now to find out where there is a life group
in your vicinity that you may join,

The Kingdom Leadership Institute has been
established to train, equip, mentor and
raise up a generation who is willing to
accept God's invitation to participate with
Him in the reformation of nations.
As a KLI student, you will discover your purpose
in light of your identity as a child of God and
in the unique expression of the personality and temperament with which God has created you. 

You will be able to identify your complementing
gifts, talents and abilities and be prepared
to demonstrate the Divine nature of the
Kingdom of God in the sphere where
God has called you.
Being a KLI student will TRANSFORM your life,
so that you can accomplish God's will and purpose

in YOUR generation!