Kingdom Kids
At New Life we believe that God desires to train young children and youth to follow God with passionate zeal and devotion. We know that our children are part of a generation that will be equipped to fulfill their destiny and pursue their purpose, as they discover their unique call, gifts and talents for the Glory of God and they become instruments for the reformation of society in their generation. We also believe that our children and youth play a very important role in the Body of Christ, by allowing Holy Spirit to use them through all the gifts and talents He has given them…NOW!
Mission:To present the Bible as the living Word of God, using age-appropriate, practical and anointed methods to impart unto them. To teach children about God’s love and His promises, so triggering them to live their lives with passion, as an adventure with God.  To have them understand their purpose, in light of their unique expression, gifts and talents. To live their life trusting God and being led by Holy Spirit. To be the best they can be through His grace and for the glory and honor of King Jesus.
Vision:To create an atmosphere where children in our care can encounter the love of Abba Father, get to know the Lord Jesus Christ and experience the Presence and Power of Holy Spirit in a genuine and life-transforming way.  To have them discover their unique Kingdom potential in the light of their God-given identity, so they can grow up to be lovers of God and influencers of their assigned sphere in their generation.
Values: 1. Security: Kingdom Kids is a place that provides an atmosphere where children are spiritually, emotionally, and physically safe.
Values: 2. Fun: Kids have FUN at Kingdom Kids! The fun factor keeps them inspired, so they can be nurtured and taught spiritually. Activities are educational, age-appropriate and engaging to children.
Values: 3. Transformation: Children learn to implement God’s Word in their daily walk.
Values: 4. Team work: Kingdom Kids is an example of the Body of Christ in action. Everyone serves according to their own gifts, skills and talents, in love considering other’s needs above themselves.
“Let the children alone and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14